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Seeking the truth in sugar free products

In September 2019, the second generation of  the Eco Free From Sugar Free, Vegan Dessert, Shakes and Hot Chocolate mixes, packed in  eco friendly Kraft Stand up Pouches, will be launched in the UK , named as Delicious Zero Sugars Dessert and Shake Mixes . As usual,  the mixes are also Gluten Free, Light, Low Fat and Source of Protein. This new generation is expected to be the next big winners in the UK market, which are surely eligible for tasty awards.

Costas Argyrides, the founder of Sugar Free Vegan Desserts and Shakes Mixes branded as Eco Free From, began his journey in research in sweet food products in 2014,  when  he was  diagnosed with a metabolic syndrome, for which he needed to minimise sugars from his diet.  His search in the food industry was disappointing, once he realized that most of the sweet food products were loaded with either chemical artificial sweeteners or sweeteners with extremely high Glycemic index. The Vegan desserts  were also  with cane sugar, or high intensity sweeteners and modified starches,  as if  Vegans were excused to be “sinful” with  sugar.

Based on  deep knowledge of food ingredients and nutrition, Costas Argyrides a vegan and University of Minnesota and College of Naturopathic Medicine graduate, realised the need for zero sugars and no added sugar food products, with natural origin sweeteners and having the taste and feeling of conventional desserts as a compass, he gradually developed the Eco Free From series of Sugar Free food products.

The first generation of the Sugar Free Vegan Desserts has been in the UK market ever since 2016 and has already been listed at ASDA, MorrisonsWholeFoods and a number of Independent Health Food Stores. 

Natural Food Science Ltd is an established worldwide pioneer in Sugar Free, Natural and Gluten Free nutrition foods that offer a ‘feel-good’ factor. All Natural Food Science products are Clean label, which means that you can be safe in the knowledge that no artificial preservatives, flavours or colors have been used.