/ Eco Free From – Vegan Mousse – Cocoa Flavour

Vegan Mousse - Cocoa Flavour


Vegan Recipe

Eco Free From - Vegan Mousse - Cocoa Flavour Powder 160g
Water 400ml

Μix 400ml of water and the 160g Cocoa Formulation Powder in a pot.
On medium heat, stir the mixture continuously, until thichened.
Place the mixture in the freezer for at least 2 hours.
Blend the frozen mixture in a blender at medium speed until mixture is very smooth.
You can either consume it or place it in the fridge


Vegetarian Recipe

Eco Free From Cocoa Mousse Powder: 160g
Water: 600ml
Whipped Cream: 235g

Start boiling the water. Then, just as it begins to boil, pour in the Eco Free-From Cocoa Mousse Formulation Powder and stir it until it becomes a fully mixed.
Remove it from the heat and stir it from time to time to avoid setting, then leave it to cool completely. That may take from one to two hours. Separately, whip the fresh cream and then fold it into the cool mixture until you achieve the desired result.